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Dress to Impress – Budget Fashionista

People dress to impress. The way a person looks and how he or she dresses is very important. Being well dressed becomes an advantage especially if you are in the business field. You want to make an impression by wearing better outfits. It doesn’t always have to be expensive but the thing is clothes that are in good shape and quality come in higher prices. Luxury clothes, bags and shoes have higher price tags. A coat or a nice pair of jeans may cost a fortune but because you want to make an impression that you are a dignified and professional business man, you gave in and splurge for these items.

It is not a bad thing to dress to impress but becoming fashionable has also a great impact on your budget. CEO’s, lawyers, politicians are expected to look their best all the time. And because they earn much, they can afford to shop and spend for items with high price tags. But young professionals and students can only target sales season to buy cheaper items. Fashion forward individuals tend to spend on trendy outfits that go out of style in a year or so. People have different sense of style and what they wear reflects their personality and the field they are in.

Dress to Impress

If you want to dress to impress, you don’t have to spend much if you know where and when to shop. Be a smart shopper. Choose items that you can use over and over again or something that you can mix and match with your other outfits. Invest on items with good quality. Coats with good fabric will keep you warm and in style for years. Invest on classic pieces so you’ll never go out of style. Classic is stylish. Instead of chunky jewelry, you can opt for smaller ones that are basic, classy and easy to mix and match. Look for clothes in neutral colors, these hues will carry you from season to season. If you think it’s a good buy then go for it. But if it can wait then you can catch it on sale.

You don’t have to fill your closet, there are clothes that you can wear six ways and they will never find out that you have already worn it. People dress to impress and to look good in public but it doesn’t always mean that you have to spend huge over these branded items. With a little patience you can get these valuable pieces on sale.