What is debt?

Debt generally refers to the sum of money that is owed to a person or an institution. Many people find themselves in debt as a result of day to day situations, for example buying groceries or other essential items with credit cards and owing the card provider the sum of the purchase. The card provider gets profits when the debtor can’t repay the amounts on time, incurring additional charges upon the original amount.

What is debt management?

Debt management is building and following the terms of a loan and its repayment plan within the agreed instalments and time frame. If one is unable to follow the agreed debt management plan, it can result in additional fees and charges which can create more problems in paying back instalments within the time frame. Contact us for a free consultation on the basics of managing your debt.

What does debt consolidation mean?

Debt consolidation is a simple and easy financial solution that rolls all your debts into one payment, preventing further late repayments or missed repayments. This is one of the simplest ways of debt management.

What is credit card consolidation?

Credit card consolidation means taking out a debt consolidation loan to pay off two or more credit card debts.

What kind of debts can I consolidate with debt consolidation loan?

You can consolidate various debts such as personal loans, car loans, home loans, business loans, credit card debts, medical bills, store cards and other debts you may have. Speak to our experts to find out how our debt consolidation loan can work in your favour.

Can I get a loan if I have bad credit?

Bad credit can happen to anyone. The problem with having bad credit is that most banks deny loans to people with bad credit. Our experts at Consolidate Debts understand bad credit happens because of unfortunate circumstances. We specialise in providing bad credit loan options to help people with bad credit to suit their financial situations. Contact us for more detailed information.

Can bad credit be repaired?

Yes, it can be repaired. Bad credit creates difficulties for your new loan applications with traditional money lenders. So speak with a specialist at Consolidate Debts about our various debt solutions to help you fix your bad credit rating. Our specialists are highly experienced with creditors and helping people fix bad credit. Contact us for a free consultation.

How much can I borrow?

We offer loans from $5,000 and after a quick assessment over the phone; we can advise you with the maximum amount depending on your situation.

How soon can I receive my loan?

We can approve your loan over the phone within 24 to 72 hours, provided you meet the required documentation and suitability at the time of application and then the loan will be deposited into your assigned account.

I’m behind on my repayments. Can you help me get out of this?

At Consolidate Debts, we also specialise in helping people get out of accumulated debts and late or missed repayments. Contact us and speak to one of our specialists for a confidential consultation.

Are there additional fees or costs associated with the loan?

We can cover the upfront costs that may incur depending on your situation and recover them once your loan is settled. Contact one of our loan officers to find out more.

Do you help people located in rural areas?

Our services extend all across Australia in both urban and rural areas.