how to save money and reduce energy consumption

How to Save Money and Reduce Energy Consumption

Every month your electric bill shocks you and you almost scream in frustration at how you can reduce energy consumption and how to save money from it. No matter how much you pull at your hair your bill will not go down. What you need to do is to make a resolution to reduce energy consumption in the household. Reducing your energy consumption means reducing the amount of energy you use mainly electricity. Finding more efficient ways of consumption and eliminating wasted energy will help both your finances and the environment. Concerned about what the consumption of fossil fuel is doing to our environment? Want to have some extra cash for your savings? Read on.

Tips on how to save money and reduce energy consumption

Reducing energy consumption does not necessarily mean sacrificing comfort, it simply means using energy efficiently. Too chilly in the winter? Instead of turning on the heater you can light up the fireplace. It makes the place homier and cozier but won’t rack up your electric bill. Room too warm? Get  cool fresh air coming in by opening windows, a healthier and more practical alternative to turning on the air conditioner.  Remember that every time you turn on your electrical appliances it will rack up the bill.

Be aware of standby consumption. Do you know that plugged in electronic items even if not in use, consume electricity that constitutes about 10% of your monthly bill? That’s like spending your money on something that you did not get anything out of. How to save money? Unplug all unused appliances, chargers, anything that’s plugged in, if you are not using it unplug it!.

Buy energy efficient appliances if you can. From LED light bulbs to kitchen goods to home entertainment equipment, there’s a plethora of energy-efficient appliances available in the market. Amazingly, they can use 50 percent less energy than other models, and up to a quarter less for light bulbs. Sure they may be a bit expensive now but you save in the long run because they last longer and consume less.

Use your appliances efficiently. Sure you can reduce its usage but not to the point of not using it at all. Don’t overdo things! Saving does not mean totally rendering your appliances useless, they were bought for a reason and if absolutely necessary you should go ahead and use them. It is important to balance saving and usage, overdoing either will not do you good.