rethink superannuation for new financial year

Rethink Superannuation Strategy for the New Financial Year

Superannuation is an essential form of investment every individual should possess. Who wouldn’t want a retirement benefit? Everyone will reach the point wherein they have to quit their job and retire. Nobody wants to retire empty handed. Superannuation is compulsory and government supported. It is ideal to start saving early for your retirement fund.

The longer you save, your savings grow higher too. This is the best time to prepare for your future. It may require a little sacrifice from your salary, but in the end, it is you who will benefit from it. This is the reason why more people are shopping around for super plans.


Superannuation has tax advantages. It is typically lower compared from outside super. Super contributions add up and eventually grow as time goes by. It is important to determine the purpose, what you are going to get and what you can benefit from the super plans. If you want to talk about it, it is highly advised to speak with your super fund financial planner to help you with the strategies and other investment options. This step is often neglected, which shouldn’t be.

Having the right information allows you to apply and choose strategies that will help you in the future. Financial planners will enlighten you about what you are paying for, what are the benefits of having superannuation and what you can earn. Financial planners are there to help you for any superannuation strategy or investment option you are planning in the new financial year.

Most Australians have applied for more than one super plan without thinking the additional administration fees as a waste of money. Why waste your money? You are decreasing your chance to boost your retirement fund.

What you can do is compare superannuation fees. Hop from one website to another. You are expanding your options and familiarising yourself with the scope, benefits, services and what they have on offer. Doing this at the start of the financial year enables you to budget and generate more tax savings.

If you keep on postponing this and decide to do it before the year ends, you are not performing your strategy well. Procrastination will not help you. Why do it by the end of the year when you can do it at the start of your financial year? If you are going to do the same strategy, then apply it early so you can make the most out of it.